The Consulate General Of The Republic of GHANA in The United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
  • Street No. 22 or 45B, Villa 49, Community 323, Al Jafiliya, Dubai, UAE. |

Consul General



Ghana marked its 60th Anniversary on 6th March 2017. Under the able and visionary leadership of His Excellency, the President Nana Addo Danka Akufo Addo, pragmatic policies such as planting for food and jobs, one village one dam, district industrialization for jobs and wealth creation, free Senior High School Education, Allowances for teacher/nurses trainees, National Identification system, Single Widow Project, and National Digital Address system are being implemented. As Consul General of Dubai, UAE, I wish to:

  • Promote the Welfare of Ghanaians living in Dubai and the UAE in general.

  • Explore and Strengthen Bi-lateral Relations with the UAE and the world at large as Ghana is a signatory to a number of investment guarantees which serves to mitigate the risk of doing business. These include Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, Disputes settlement guarantees under UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNITRAL), and the International Chamber of Commerce.

  • Project Ghana as the Industrial hub and Gateway for trade and investment and the beacon of hope because of its political stability and strategic location in West Africa with easy access to African markets that has a population of about 400 million people.

  • Promote Foreign Direct Investment into Agriculture, Health, Education and Culture, Oil and Gas, Energy, Tourism, Railway, Mining, Telecommunication, Transport and Aviation, Housing and Real Estate, Manufacturing, Water and Sanitation, Technical Cooperation and Transfer of Science and Technology.

  • Facilitate Governments Key ingredients for the structural transformation by developing requisite infrastructure, entrepreneurial capacity, developing the human resource base, providing stable and affordable power and energy, identifying innovative financing schemes and increasing trade and economic growth.

  • Promote Global and Intra- Regional Trade through the Commonwealth of Nations, United Nations (UN), World Trade Organisation (WTO), African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), African Union, (AU), La Francophone, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Protocols and Continental Trade Policies.

  • Provide Free Zones Board that promotes economic development and regulations of activities in the free zones sector.

  • Provide opportunities for Independent Power Producers (IPP) as Ghana is a member of the Club of Oil producing countries.

  • Provide opportunities for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in businesses.

  • Provide the Single Window Project (Paperless clearing of goods that reduces processing time).

    THANK YOU !.